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We offer our giftware range to you as a fundraising option.

To be considered for access to our Urban Rose fundraiser section please fill in the below form and we will review your application.

Upon approval, you will be emailed the fundraiser codes to apply to your order upon checkout to receive your discount. 

We have 3 options when fundraising through us:

1. You can purchase a bunch of items at the special pricing and we will pick and pack your order and dispatch it directly to you.

2. You can select a range of items you wish to have available to your customers. We email you an order form to distribute and take payment, you then place a bulk order with us and we send the items directly to you to distribute to your customers.

3. We create a custom page for your fundraiser where you can direct your customers to jump on and purchase the items for full RRP and once the fundraiser is complete you receive the difference between the special pricing and the RRP. A full report of sales will be provided at the completion on your fundraiser.

Urban Rose Fundraiser

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