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DTF Printing PET Release Film

60cm Width roll x 100m Length

DTF Premium Pet Film Roll works well with DTF Powder and DTF Ink. 


Product patameter
MaterialBOPET polyester film, high temperature resistant synthetic resin release agent
 The thickness of the product is no less than 50-120 um, standing stock 75 um, can be customized
Avulsion modecold avulsion type
Apparent (gloss) effectMatte
Transfer temperature130 ~ 160 ℃
Transfer time8 ~ 15 seconds / time
Transfer pressure0.1 ~ 0.3 MPa
Applicableink jet printing, hot stamping and other hot stamping printing
Product specifications30cm * 100M / roll, 50cm * 100M / roll, 60cm * 100M / roll(standing specifications)

DTF Printing PET Release Film

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