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We have a range of pre-printed, ready-to-press papers to meet everyone's needs or we can print a custom design.


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Urban Rose Image Gallery:


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DTF Transfers – We print ready for you to press -

Calling creatives! It’s time to forget the hassle of cutting, weeding, and layering vinyl designs as well as that little desktop DTF that is nothing but trouble. Our DTF printing services provide custom ready-to-press full-colour transfers that allow more time creating and less time worrying. Perfect for hobbyists and businesses of all sizes seeking to expand their offerings and grow sales without investing in commercial machines. Join us and take your creation to the next level!

DTF is a heat transfer film used to decorate fabric such as T-shirts, Tote bags, and just about anything apparel. It’s easy to press and very suitable for all types of fabric, either cotton, cotton/poly blend, or microfiber. It allows you to produce full-colour vibrant images coupled with a print quality that can outlast the material itself.


We print in-house on our commercial-grade DTF machine to produce the highest-quality prints. You have the flexibility to combine multiple images and fit them onto a single sheet. Simply select the desired number of sheets, upload your design, and you're good to go!


Artwork Requirements:

  • Requested file types: PNG
  • File resolution – 300 DPI
  • Background MUST be transparent.



Please upload your design to the listing page when you purchase or email your files to and reference your order number in the subject line.


Urban Rose has its own gallery of images for your use:


We understand that your artwork is a masterpiece, and we want to ensure that it is printed to the highest quality possible. To ensure that your vision is brought to life, please double-check that the colours, sizes, and resolution of the artwork you provide are exactly as you want them. Please note that Urban Rose is not responsible for any potential copyright infringements of submitted designs, as we solely provide printing services.


Press Instructions:

Heat press instructions will be sent along with your order.


Pre-Press the garment for 5 seconds (prior to applying the image), this step helps remove wrinkles and any potential moisture trapped in the fabric.


1st Press: 160 degrees for 10-15 seconds medium pressure with the image in proper placement. Each heat press does vary, and some experimenting may be necessary for optimal results.


Peel Cold The transfer should cool completely to the touch before removing the film.


2nd Press: Cover with Teflon (for a shiny look) or parchment paper (for a matte look), 160 degrees for 5-10 sec, medium pressure.


Note: Firm and even pressure are important for good adhesion, avoid any

pockets/seams/buttons/zippers/etc. within the press area Polyester/Blend Fabric: Lower the temperature by 160 degrees & shorten the time to 3-8 seconds, as these fabrics absorb heat at a much faster rate. You can press multiple times if the transfer is not adhering to the fabric.


100% Polyester: Lower the temperature to 120-140 degrees & shorten press time to 3-8 seconds, this fabric can take some tweaking with your press to determine the best time, temp, and pressure. We suggest practicing determining the proper settings. You can press multiple times if the transfer is not adhering to the fabric, just allow the fabric time to cool in between.


Wait 24 hours before washing or stretching.

Custom DTF Transfers - 58 x 250cm


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